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Professional, Thorough, Caring

Jason knows how important a properly tuned bow and reliable equipment is to bow hunting and target archery. If you are not confident in your equipment, it will affect your final outcome. He is an expert in the field; you will not get better service than what you get at C-n-C Archery Pro Shop.

Complete Bow Set-up

Buy your bow and accessories here and you will leave with your bow perfectly set-up and tuned.

Bow Tuning

Includes draw length and peep sight adjustment, cam timing, drop-away rest timing and paper tuning. A properly tuned bow makes all the difference.

Custom Arrow Building

Get the exact arrows you want...spine indexed and custom color fletchings. For target archery and bow hunting.

String Replacement

Custom built strings for your bow with great turn-around times. Includes tuning. Pick your color! Twist it up! .

Accessory Installation

Need a new sight, rest, peep...? We have you covered. Installation is included if you buy it here.

Major / Minor Repairs

We've seen it all (run over your bow with a truck lately?) and can usually help.